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Ricoh Latin America partners with OnPrintShop to help print businesses automate and increase sales

  • Publicado el 01 de Septiembre de 2021

Ricoh Latin America announces a partnership with OnPrintShop with the objective of helping its customers, both SMBs and large companies in the commercial printing industry, to automate and optimize order management and increase sales through an e-commerce solution that allows them to quickly set up online orders and reduce administration time and costs.

Ricoh Latin America partners with OnPrintShop to help print businesses automate and increase sales

Ricoh and OnPrintShop’s partnership began with a partnership signed with Ricoh Canada in 2011 and with Ricoh New Zealand and Mexico. Now, this agreement extends to all countries where Ricoh Latin America has a presence, including South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. OnPrintShop offers an integrated order management solution with e-commerce and customization tools specific to a wide range of graphic products to easily implement B2C, B2B portals that offer a highly personalized experience.

“We are very excited to announce this partnership with OnPrintShop. Their solution is intuitive, easy to use and provides personalized support. With this technology, companies in the printing industry will be able, in a more agile and efficient way, to optimize the order workflow and generate new business.” Explains Angel Bustamante Vice President of Graphic Communications for Ricoh Latin America.” We are very pleased to enter this new phase of our collaboration and provide solutions that help our customers improve communication with their end customers.”

As companies are accelerating their digital initiatives due to the changing expectations of customers, suppliers, partners and the market in general driven by the pandemic, it is vital for all organizations to have a robust online presence and an intuitive platform for user interaction. OnPrintShop helps drive more business opportunities and a stronger web presence with its cutting-edge Web-to-Print solutions.

Ricoh customers in the region can take advantage of the following key strengths of OnPrintShop: Software license subscription programs, high flexibility to customize the e-commerce platform, support to integrate third party tools or platforms, customized support. “We are excited to work with the Ricoh Latin America team to help their customers define and build a flexible and adaptable web printing backbone that allows them to easily launch new sales channels, services and print products to adapt to changing market opportunities. We look forward to sharing our learnings in helping global print customers not only maintain but also increase sales during the new normal,” said NARESH BORDIA, Vice President of Global Sales for OnPrintShop.

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