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Asia Pacific debut for roll to roll printer Karibu


After its successful world premiere in May 2019, Karibu, the new swissQprint roll to roll printer is scheduled to be unveiled in the Asia Pacific region: Sign & Display Show, Tokyo, 29–31 August 2019. swissQprint will be present at the Sign & Display Show, Tokyo from 29 to 31 August 2019: Aomi Big Sight, hall A, starring Karibu, the first swissQprint roll to roll printer at stand No. 46. Karibu has unique features which swissQprint already presented at the printer’s world premiere at Fespa Munich in May 2019. The high-end inkjet printer is now to have its debut in the Asia Pacific region.

Karibu is a roll to roll printer with swissQprint DNA; reliable, sophisticated and versatile – just as the flatbed printers of this Swiss manufacturers are. Unique features render the printer highly efficient, starting with the quick setup of the material, on to clever vacuum control, and to operation via the newly developed output software. Karibu is precise and delivers first-class print quality. Thanks to cool LED curing the printer processes a wide range of roll material using a specially developed ink set. Hence, it provides great versatility as well as high return on investment.

Asia Pacific debut for roll to roll printer Karibu

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